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Renaissance Bouquets

Posted by Mary on 2/26/2011 to What's New?
Gothic Wedding Bouquets

Not just any bouquet will do for the Princess of Camelot and her fair maiden's. My latest Renaissance collection of bouquets was inspired by a family outing to our local Renaissance fair. To be honest, I'm not sure how many Renaissance type weddings there are but my latest collection of bouquets is perfectly suited for a garden type wedding. I have a few more ideas for bouquets that I'll explore over the next month... so expect to see more bouquets in the Renaissance category soon. As always, If you're in the middle of planning your own Renaissance wedding and have a special vision for your bouquet, let me know. Collaborating with my Brides to be always seems to make for the best looking designs.

Click here to go to The Renaissance Collection.

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